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Derek wheeling the front half of a 6-point Bull in Northern B.C.
Ken gettin' it done the easy way!
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Derek on his Big Bear with 1/2 an elk on the kart,
back on good ground and only about 6 km to go to camp.
6' 8" Bear that Ken wheeled out himself!
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Folded up on a jet boat going out hunting in Northern B.C.
After a 200 yard back-pack, we wheeled this Buck 3 kilometres back to our quad.
Derek when he was 15 years old with his second Bear.
This was an early prototype cart but 16 years later I'm still using the same wheels from it on my own cart today.
Taking a break with the front half of a small Moose.
"Ready to go" with another Elk.
My partner with a large bodied Sask. Whitey
that he loaded in the truck by himself.
My partner pulling 1/2 of an elk out of a burn in northern B.C.
Another satisfied customer with a nice buck from the badlands of Alberta.
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