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"The Pak- Kart worked awesome"
"I bought this Kart from you two months ago. Am I ever glad I did "
 Jesse - British Columbia
"I just wish there was a little bit of deer blood on it !!"
" This is five wheelbarrow loads at once"
 Jeremy-British Columbia
"My kart worked very well on a recent trip and made along haul back to the road a breeze"
"Great product"
     Ron- British Columbia
"A very cool new product"
   Percy-Western Sportsman Magazine
"Easy pack.....even a kid can do it"
     Pat- British Columbia
"I hope these pictures help sell your karts"
Doug- British Columbia
Sasquatch Fabrications
"Loaded into my truck by myself.......I have told every one I hunt with to buy one."
Stephen- British Columbia
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